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Thank you for choosing HD Trucks & Equip LLC for your

next purchase. All purchases are made by agreement of all of the following conditions.

1) HD trucks & Equip LLC guarantees free and clear title to the asset at the time of purchase. Non titled assets will be 

accompanied by a Bill Of Sale only.

2) All asset purchases are made on an AS-IS Basis.

This is not an indication of condition, but rather, the most

cost effective format for the buyer. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to perform any and all due diligence prior to finalizing any purchase. 

3) SAFETY & CERTIFICATIONS:  It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to perform any and all due diligence prior

to making any purchase. Dealer Does NOT perform safety nor certification inspections on any equipment or vehicles. The

buyer is solely responsible for all inspections and certifications

to meet all governmental, financial or industrial requirements.

4) All purchases are final. No returns or rescinding is allowed.

5) Arizona Sales Tax is collected on the full sales amount,

or on the trade difference amount in the event of a trade in allowance. Out of state buyers must, by Arizona law, pay

the Arizona sales tax amount, currently 6.1%.

Only licensed equipment/auto/truck dealers providing a current Dealer License and State Sales Tax Certificate are exempt.

6) Motor Vehicle Insurance is the sole responsibility of the buyer. NO DEALER INSURANCE IS PROVIDED.

7) Dealer will provide a Bill Of Sale, Emissions Certificate

(Arizona Buyers Only), and Title to the buyer at the time

of the purchase.

8) A Dealer Title Assistance Fee in the amount of $350 will be

collected from the buyer in addition to the sales amount, if

the Arizona resident buyer requires dealer to perform

title transfer and/or lien holder recording.

9) Since dealer provides immediate title and ownership for all assets, all payments must be only in the form of certified bank checks, wire transfer (add $25 Bank Charge) or cash. No Credit or Debit Cards, personal or business checks are accepted.

10) SHIPPING: Dealer does NOT offer a shipping service.

No asset will be released for shipping without payment in full,

and written authorization from buyer with detailed shipping company information.

11) FUNDING: Dealer is NOT a financial company nor a funding source. Dealer may be offer 3rd party funding source options

to clients. Dealer does not request or collect any private information. dealer will request information from the client to provide to various funding sources for contact purposes only.

Dealer is NOT a part of any approval process. Dealer will

work with ANY funding source to provide proper lien holder

identification on any title or paperwork requested by the funding source. Dealer does NOT collect any payments on behalf of any funding source.